Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial weekend, Lora, Maya, Ryan, Eli, Mary Beth and Mike trekked up to Buffalo. They had a mini-family reunion with their relatives on the Ventura side of the family. Maya and Eli also visited their Grandma Ventura in the nursing home. Eli took Mary Beth to Niagara Falls for her first time ever and – Memorial Day or not – they got hailed on. We also met up with the Cotter wing of the family: John, Melissa, Amelia and Jack. Melissa and John had gone up to Toronto for their anniversary, and they were all headed up to Niagara-on-the-Lake to go out on a boat. Jack is not only learning to walk, but to throw spoons off his high chair and chomp on toast. Naturally, we all had to sample the Buffalo cuisine - Buffalo wings, Mike’s subs and dinner at Shanghai Red’s overlooking the marina at sunset.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Family Links

Though you can easily click the on the links for yourself for yourself, maybe you'll be enticed to look if a bit further if a short description of the links is set out. Here we go then:

  • Cotter Family contains photographs and video clips that center around – who else – Amelia and Jack. There’s a great one of Jack in his bath and, my personal favorite, Amelia singing happy birthday to Grandpa Northen.

  • Chimera Travel is the site for Maya’s travel consulting business. It has a great new article on Malaysia as well as a vintage one on Seattle (for those of you planning to visit Maura or the Cotters).

  • Northen Family Tree is an online genealogy of the Northen family. Though the modern Northen’s listed are all the Tennessee branch, it traces our family back to John Northin – the first Northen in America.

  • Dispoet is Mike’s forum for discussing disability and writing. Yes, I know it sounds boring but check it out. You never know…

  • Carmen’s Flyfishing shows some professional flyfishing photos that Carmen has for sale on line. Go ahead – take a guess who the fisherman is.
  • Monday, May 23, 2005

    Graduation Redux

    Yesterday (Sunday, May 22) was another family graduation. Eli received his Master in Architecture. The ceremony was held in the Great Space of the architecture building on the campus of the University of Maryland. He not only received his degree but awarded faculty excellence in design for a Masters student. What’s next? Well, get out your address books and cross out another Northen address. Eli has accepted a position with architect/designer Michael Graves in Princeton, New Jersey and will start work June 27.

    Sunday, May 22, 2005

    Graduation and Thesis

    Last week two important events happened for the east coast branch of the Northen family. On Saturday, May 14, Maya graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She now has her Masters degree in International Business. Luckily, the predicted rain held off and the weather stayed sunny through the ceremony. The campus was beautiful. The only dark clouds that appeared on the horizon were when Maya ran into a snafu picking up her diploma. I’m sure she’ll be glad to tell you about that some time. It had a happy ending.

    Two days later Eli had his thesis presentation for his Masters degree down at the University of Maryland. For his thesis he designed a sustainable wine center for Charlottesville, Virginia. The presentation took place in the school of architecture where architects from Maryland and Washington, D.C. came in to listen to Eli’s presentation and critique his designs. To say that it provoked debate would be an understatement. As Eli was fielding questions, the dean for the school of architecture at Catholic University jumped up to the front and began point at the designs, to make a point. Architects turned around in their chairs and began arguing with each other. At one point a UMD architecture professor grabbed the demonstration wine and brought it up front where others began pouring the wine to drink. The feedback was that it was one of the most exciting theses in a long time. Certainly Eli will remember it!

    Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Blog Basics

    This post is to serve as a guide for family members who may not have blogged before.

    As you can see, every new post has a title. This one is called “Blog Basics” and the one below is “Welcome.” Every new post is dated so you can see when it is written; new posts automatically go to the top. Right underneath this post you will see that it says, “Comments” with a number next to it. Right now the number is probably 0. If you want to say something about this post (or any post), just click on the comment beneath it. A box will pop up that lets you write in whatever you want. Then click in the circle that says other and click on publish. It’s that simple.

    If you look to the right part of this page you will see three things: links, previous posts, and archives. The links are connections to other websites that the family might be interested in. Just click on the link and it will take you there. If you have a suggestion for a link you think others in the family would like, put it in a comment to this post and we’ll get it up. The previous posts are a fast way to get to look at other topics that have been posted and to go there. Finally, after the end of a month, the posts start getting archived. The archives let you look at all of the posts that were made during a certain month.

    I hope this helps. Any questions? Post them as a comment.


    Hello, everyone. If you are reading this no doubt you are a member of the Northen family or somehow related to it. This blog is meant as a sort of news space where we can post anything that we think might be of interest to the rest of the family. Check in every once in a while to see what is going on and to make a comment about a post if you wish. If you want to make an original post, contact Mike Northen by e-mail to find out how.