Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Family Connection to Scotland

Like half of the rest of North America, we can trace a branch our family back to Robert I, kind of Scotland, known better as Robert the Bruce (or Robert Bruce).  Where it ties in to our family is with Abigail Minty, the wife of William Northen that I’ve written about in previous Northen News posts.  Abigail’s mother was Margaret Fleming who had the line back to Robert Bruce. 
An interesting note is that Marjorie Bruce died at the age of 19 and her husband was only a few years older.  Her son Robert was born the same day she died.  The story is that she was out horseback riding and fell off the horse.  Robert was born premature.  It is always interesting when you see just how serendipitous it is that our family even exists, when you think about incidents like that.
By the way, the genealogy can be confusing because Stewart is often spelled Stuart, Robert Stewart was married several times and had two daughters named Elizabeth.  In any case, here is the line.

Robert Bruce I, King of Scotland (1274 - 1329)
is your 21st great grandfather

Daughter of Robert
Son of Marjorie
Son of Robert
Daughter of Robert
Son of Elizabeth
Son of Robert 1st Lord of
Son of Malcolm
Son of John 2nd Lord Fleming
Son of MALCOLM- 3rd LORD
Son of John 5th Lord
Son of John
Son of John
Son of Alexander
Son of John
Daughter of Alexander
Daughter of Margaret
Son of Abigail
Son of George
Son of Edward Jones
Son of George
Son of Willliam Fitzhugh Lee
Son of Marcellus Crocker
Son of James Edward 

For Amelia, Maggie, Connor, Jack, Owen, Andrew and Liam, that makes Robert Bruce their 23rd grandfather.