Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Family History Quiz 2 - Slightly Harder

I was delighted that so many of you who took the “The Easiest Family History Quiz Ever” got a perfect score.  (Though as Maura pointed out, given available information, question #7 could have had several correct answers.)  In view of the fact that so many of you did so well, here is one that is a big more challenging – but not ridiculously so. 

1. James Northen’s father  was M. C. Northen. What did the M.C. stand for?
(a) Michael Connor, (b) Marcellus Crocker, (c) Martin Chuzzlewick, (d) Melchior Christian.

2. Elvera Northen’s father Victor Wilkins had an unusual middle name.  What was it?
(a) Valentine,  (b) Hannibal, (c) Johann, (d) Cleveland.

3. Victor Wilkins’ father, Ed Wilkins, ran a store in Kingsley, Iowa.  What did he sell?
(a) insurance,  (b)  home goods,     (c) real estate,      (d) farm implements

4. James Northen’s mother Mattie died when he was eleven years old.  How did she die?
(a) heart attach,  (b) trampled by a horse,  (c) in childbirth,  (d) drowning

5. Mattie Northen’s last name before marriage was (a) Wilkins,  (b) Lewis, (c) Cook, (d) Northern

6.From the time that the first man in the Northen family came to Virginia in 1636, most of the men in the Northen family have made their living by ________________.
(a) fishing and crabbing, (b) raising chickens, (c) tobacco farming,  (d) selling moonshine

7.  The Wilkins family moved from South Dakota to California during which historical event?
(a) Civil War reconstruction, (b) World War I, (c) the great depression,  (d) World War II

8.  Elvera Northen had a sister, Elaine, two years older than her, who died at age 16.  What was the cause of her death?
(a) diabetes,  (b) typhoid fever,  (c) polio,  (d) food poisoning

9.  When Elvera Northen’s great grandfather Melchior Ryman arrived in the United States from Switzerland, he Americanized his first name.  What did he call himself?
(a) Melvin,  (b) Marcellus,  (c) Michael, (d) Mathew

10.  Believe it or not, one of Elvera Northen’s grandchildren was named after her and has Elvera for a middle name.  Who is it?
(a) Brandi, (b) Lindsey, (c) Maya, (d) Molly

Answers are below.  A score of 7 or higher means you have a pretty good handle on Northen family history.



1. b
2. a
3. d
4. d
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. a
9. c
10. d

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Easiest Family History Quiz Ever

1.   James Northen was born in ___________.
(a) Washington, D. C. ,  (b) Virginia,  (c) North Carolina,  (d) California

2. Elvera Northen was born in  ___________.
(a) Iowa,  (b) California,  (c) Virginia,  (d) South Dakota

3. In James E. Northen’s name, the E. stands for ___________.
(a) Evans,  (b) Edward,  (c) Elvis,  (d) Ernest

4.  Everyone knows that Elvera Northen hated her first name, but what was her middle name ____________.
(a) Ann,  (b) Catherine,  (c) Lucille,  (d) Odelia

5. What branch of the military was James Northen in?
(a) Army,  (b) Marines, (c) Air Force, (d) Navy

6. What was Elvera Northen’s last name at birth?
(a) Lewis,  (b) Sitzman, (c) Wilkins,  (d) Ryman

7.  Most of Elvera Northen’s ancestors came from __________
(a) England, (b) Switzerland, (c) Ireland, (d) Germany

8. What famous World War II event did James Northen witness?
(a) the bombing of Pearl Harbor
(b) the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima
(c ) the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima
(d) the Normandy D-day invasion

9.  What was the occupation of most of Elvera Northen’s ancestors?
(a) sharecroppers, (b) coal miners, (c) farmers, (d) soldiers

10.  For generations, Northen family men have been plagued by _________
(a) obesity,  (b) poverty, (c) pre-mature baldness, (d) alcoholism

Answers below.


1.  b
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. d
8. a
9. c
10. d

If you got 9-10 correct, you are ready for something tougher. If you got less than 6 correct, you don’t know a lot about the family yet.  Maybe reading the Northen History blog would help.