Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Even Harder Family History Quiz

1. The first few generations of Northens in this country were planters. What did they raise?
(a) tobacco, (b)rice, (c)cotton, (d)indigo            

2. Which of these was not a war that members of the Northen family in Virginia fought in?
(a) Revolutionary War, (b) War of 1812, (c) Civil War, (d) World War I

3.  Our ancestor Edmund Northen was noted for taking people to court and being taken to court in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s. How did he pay his court fines?
(a) in shillings, (b) in dollars, (c0) in Virginia currency, (d) in tobacco

4. Mattie’s family, the Lewis family, came to this country in the 1650’s. To which famous Lewis in our family related?
(a) Sinclair Lewis, (b) Lewis Carrol, (c) Merriweather Lewis, (d) John L. Lewis

5. Ed Wilkins parents are unknown, but his wife Katie came from an extensive family.  What was Katie’s last  name?
(a)Sitzman, (b) Ryman, (c) Zell, (d) Bossley

6. Everyone knows that Elvera Northen had a sister who was a nun – Sr. Karen. What was Sr. Karen’s real name?
(a) Mary, (b) Elaine, (c) Laverna, (d) Alice

7. The language that the Ryman family spoke when they came to the United States from Switzerland was______?
(a) English, (b) Italian, (c) German, (d) Swiss

8. The Ryman family originally came over from Switzerland and ended up in South Dakota, but where did they live first?
(a) Massachusetts, (b) Missouri, (c) Minnesota, (d) New York

9.  The Sitzman family came over from Germany and ended up in Iowa,  but what state did they live in first?
(a) Pennsylvania, (b) Wisconsin, (c) Virginia, (d)Texas

10. Members of the Northen family were involved in what historical body?
(a) First Continental Congress, (b) Sons of Liberty, (c) House of Burgesses, (d) NAACP

Answers are below.

This was a tough one. If you got five or more right congratulate yourself.

1. a
2. d
3. d
4. c
5. a
6. d
7.  c
8.  d
9.  b

10. c